Foreign investors usually buy apartments in relatively luxurious residential complexes where monthly revenues are collected from apartment owners in return for providing some services to the residents of these apartments, such as heating, cleaning, security, gymnasiums, swimming pools and similar services and facilities that are used shared by residents of the residential complex.

The monthly revenues of the apartments are collected on the basis of a decision taken unanimously by the residents of the complex, in accordance with the law of the floor properties.

Residential communities usually hire companies in the fields of security, cleaning, elevators and many other companies that provide professional services in this area. The administration works in rationalizing the use of resources within residential complexes and allocating them for effective use.

Elevators are one of the most important expenditure items by the administration in order to maintain the work of elevators continuously and to ensure continuous maintenance.

The monthly revenues are also used by the residential complex administration to beautify the residential complex, add additional social facilities to it and to bring smart solutions to the complex that will facilitate the lives of those living in these complexes.