The year 2018 according to real estate experts will see great demand from real estate investors, thus, experts advise to take some steps that will turn ownership into a profitable investment.

It is very important to obtain the correct information about the property to be purchased, as it is nowadays necessary to resort to the real estate consulting companies in this area, in addition to getting the information of the property in detail from the relevant municipality in the property’s district, moreover, It is necessary to pay attention to the facilities surrounding the property, especially transportation and social, health and educational facilities, which greatly increase the property’s value.

The strategic location of the property is also very important as districts close to the sea, the airport and the strait, and other natural strategic advantages are considered important factors in increasing the value of the property. Reports are now being issued by real estate companies about the real estate in all regions of Turkey to enable the investor to obtain the correct information before buying the property.

Another thing to keep in mind is knowing all the expenses the buyer will pay during the purchase of the property, namely: the down payment, the installment payments, if the property is purchased in installments, in addition to the value of the real estate fees paid in the Real Estate Registry Department. As for Intermediate’s share, it is often taken from the seller and is not normally paid by the buyer.

Source: Emlak Habar