The high quality features of any residential apartment is no longer essential, especially in major cities, where studies indicate that those wishing to buy or rent a property at the moment are asking in the first degree about the surroundings of this apartment and if it does contain the necessary features in addition to the possibilities of transportation surrounding the residence, consequently, those who want to own usually give up the extra luxury features at the expense of these features.

The surroundings are the facilities near the property, such as hospitals, universities, schools, shopping malls, shops of various kinds, and other similar basic necessities to facilitate lives of those living in the area.

The issue of transportation may sometimes come at the forefront for many people who look for real estate either for buying or renting, especially in big cities such as Istanbul, where the existence of a metro station, tramway, Metrobus or even a bus is a very important factor in the view of those who want to buy or rent, and positively affect the price of the property, where the value increases if the property is near one of these stations.

The issue of surroundings and transports is very important for real estate investors, as the successful investor must take these things into account in order to get a good return on his investment.