Real estate experts point out that the Turkish real estate market is witnessing a very strong movement in conjunction with the activity in the construction sector this year and past. This has led to an increase in property demand in Turkey over the past months.

It is known that the past months of 2017 has witnessed a qualitative movement in terms of the number of apartments and real estate sold, where the period saw the sale of more than nine hundred thousand apartments in other cities of Turkey, and the percentage of sales has increased compared with the same period last year by 7.68 percent. Although summer months were relatively quiet because the summer holidays, the number of apartments sold is very positive. The current period, which began in September, is seeing an increase in sales.

Istanbul particularly has witnessed an unprecedented turnout, with sales reaching very high numbers and nearly 100% more in September than in August.

Real estate experts expect the increase in sales to be more than 10 percent compared to the same period last year. There are very high expectations of the Turkish real estate market, which is attracting demand from both local and foreigners investors alike.

The confidence in Turkish markets has increased significantly, as the number of national and international entities that have entered the Turkish market recently increased by at least 6%. This figure is a great indication of the potentials of the real estate sector. Where it is expected that the figure will reach 10% easily by the end of the year in the number of sales of apartments in Turkey. This is expected to reach the sale of 1.5 million apartments, surpassing the number of 1 million and 341 thousand apartments that were sold last year.

There are hopes for foreign investment in general and Arab in particular in the coming days. Where the real estate sector has witnessed unprecedented Arab demand in the past few years. In most of the months of the year, the Arabs were the top by surpassing all foreigners in the number of apartments purchased by them.