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A recent study on the real estate price index was conducted in October in Turkey. The study included 68 Turkish states. It was found that there was an increase in the rate of sales in October, which reached 3.4%, and that there was an increase in prices compared with the Last month by 1.07%, this increase compared to the same month last year has reached 4.28%.

The study shows that there is an increase in the demand for real estate projects with famous brands, and the increase in the turnout of these projects to 15.32% compared to last month, despite the increase in prices in these projects.

The branded properties in the Asian part of Istanbul saw an increase of 0.11 percent, while the projects in the European part of the city reached 0.34%.

On the other hand, sales in non-finished projects accounted for 70% of total sales, which indicates the high demand for investment in real estate during this month.

Moreover, the sales sector for foreigners increased by two points, with 5% of the total properties in the projects with foreign brands were sold. Foreign investors preferred 3 + 1 apartments extensively during this period, And the city of Palais Cassiere topped the list of cities with the most increase in property prices in October.

The leasing sector also witnessed a significant rise in Turkey, with the average increase per square meter to 2.21%. Bursa topped the list of cities with the most increase in rents in October.