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After entering the New Year, many questions were raised about the fate of real estate prices, especially since this period is witnessing a relatively high property prices. Cities such as Istanbul has seen a strong turnout in the last quarter of 2017,which has given more hope for a continuation of the prices rise meaning that the real estate sector will be a profitable investment next year as well.

This has led to an increase in apartments prices on the one hand, and land on the other hand, where land prices have multiplied in major cities and profit rates have sometimes exceeded levels of profit in apartments due to land investment in large residential projects.

Experts predict that the first quarter of 2018 will witness an increase in real estate prices, especially after the recovery of the Turkish lira during this period, as the Turkish lira has seen a significant recovery in the last few days against both the euro and the dollar, (The stock market) has also broken a new record, and trading in the stock market has reached more than 115 thousand points.

This year, there will be an increase in demand for luxury residential and leisure projects, especially near public transport, and along with the new metro lines, which will soon be opened in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

Source: Emlak Habar TV