It is known that stock markets and capital are based on the profit of one party and the profit the other, Consequently, there are some methods and tools that generate profit on both sides of the trade, and the real estate sector is one of these means, which can be considered almost certain profit.

The most important feature that distinguishes real estate investment from other investments in Turkey specifically, is the profit brought to everyone, both the seller and the buyer. The major cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, and Izmir are at the top Turkish cities in the field of profitable and semi-secured real estate investment. This context is some of the things and actions that must be taken to avoid losses this sector:

A thorough investigation should be carried out before making the decision in this context. It is necessary to examine the real estate that will be purchased on the ground in detail, to study the place, the suitable location and other similar matters, and not to trust persons and companies not officially accredited in Turkey in the field of real estate development and investment.

Rumors should also be avoided because some parties are trying to sell properties in certain areas that sometimes publish promotional rumors of unrealistic investments, so you should inquire in detail about such rumors before buying the property.

But in spite of everything, the real advantage of the real estate sector from other sectors is that this sector is profitable in the long term, especially in real estate investments within cities, buying apartments, shops and offices, where you can earn in these properties twice, once through the property In itself, and again because of the floor on which the property rises, because the floors are becoming very expensive in major cities.