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Turkey real estate | Asian Investors

: 2017-07-19 Modified date : 2019-04-10

Turkey real estate | Asian Investors
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The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing an unprecedented turnout by real estate investors from Asia, who have directed the Compass investment needle to Turkey. Investors coming from Asia are the biggest purchasing power of Turkish real estate after Arab investors in general and Gulf investors in particular.

Real estate experts say the real estate sale season in Turkey extends for 6-7 months between spring and autumn, when real estate is sold to Arab and foreign investors in a big way, the so-called season of selling real estate. The remaining period of the year is usually in the form of advertising campaigns for the introduction of housing projects in Europe, the Gulf States and Arab and foreign countries.

Experts attribute the Arab and foreign turnout to the Turkish real estate market to the many reforms and facilities undertaken by the Turkish government recently, starting with tax cuts and exemptions, also to the many advantages granted to foreign investors in the real estate field. Where it is possible to obtain a permanent residence by real estate investors who buy a property in Turkey. In addition to the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship exceptionally for those who invest in a property worth at least one and a half million US dollars provided that these investments for at least three years must not be sold.

The real estate sector in Turkey is one of the most important sectors that receive supports from the Turkish government.

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