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Turkish Tourism Sector Is in a Golden Boom

: 2017-08-11

Turkish Tourism Sector Is in a Golden Boom
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The second quarter of the year witnessed a significant increase in tourism revenues compared to the same period last year, where revenues rose by 8.7 percent.

The figures show that the total revenue amounted to 5 billion 413 million and 48 thousand US dollars, as the number of tourists coming to Turkey during this period increased by 18 percent.

According to figures released by the Turkish Statistics Department, tourism revenues reached the above figure in record time. This figure does not include the regional roaming fees paid to mobile phones collected by telecom companies and shipyard expenses in marine marinas on Turkish beaches.

According to reports issued in this context, the amount of 5 billion and 413 million and 48 thousand US dollars obtained from tourism revenues are distributed in the form of 81.3 percent came from foreign tourists coming from different countries, and 18.7 percent of Turkish citizens residing abroad come to Turkey for tourism.

In the second quarter of the year, these expenses were in the form of US $ 4 billion, US $ 643 million, in the form of personal expenses, and US $ 970 million and US $ 405,000 in the form of group travel expenses, which were joined by tourists.

The average amount spent by each tourist was US $ 611 per person.

Millions of Arab tourists are vising Turkey each year, and Istanbul is a favorite tourist city. Turkey has therefore taken a number of measures to facilitate the arrival of Arabs to Turkey and enable them to spend enjoyable times with high security.  

Recently, Turkish guide signs have been published on the streets of the Turkish city of Istanbul, in addition to English and Turkish, in order to introduce the areas to which Arab tourists come and to introduce the addresses in the streets of Istanbul, such as archaeological museums, land and sea transport stations, mosques, squares, parks and others. Easily navigate from one place to another without the need for help or question.

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