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Turkish Real Estate Sales Are Constantly Rising

: 2018-04-13

Turkish Real Estate Sales Are Constantly Rising
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Real estate prices are expected to increase significantly in the coming period, due to several factors including: increasing the demand for real estate sector, which is stable sectors and generate profits continuously, in addition to the increase in prices of raw materials used in construction, which will reflect positively on the value of existing properties currently.

Experts point out that the Turkish government's facilities to encourage property ownership in Turkey, especially those for foreigners, such as exemptions and tax cuts, as well as mortgage lending facilities, should be maintained to ensure a sustainable demand for property.

The Turkish government has provided the largest support to the Turkish real estate sector compared to other economic sectors. The real estate sector witnessed a number of offers by the Turkish government and the private sector, which led to an unprecedented demand for real estate purchases compared to previous years. 

The Turkish government is currently working on a number of legal reforms, which will attract foreign investors to the real estate sector in general and the construction sector in particular.

Source: Emlak Haber

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