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Turkish Real Estate Companies Enter the List of the Richest 100 Companies

: 2017-11-25 Modified date : 2019-06-11

Turkish Real Estate Companies Enter the List of the Richest 100 Companies
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A list of the 100 richest companies in Turkey has recently been published on the basis of a study carried out by the Economist, which conducts periodic studies each year on the emerging Turkish capital. Studies indicate that there is a strong entry to Turkey by real estate and construction companies during this year.

The public construction companies in the projects of road networks, the third bridge and the third airport in Istanbul, also included were in the list of the richest 100 companies, In addition, many real estate companies engaged in the sale of real estate to local, Arab and foreign investors have entered this list. These companies have established, marketed and sold real estate projects to investors in this field.

The real estate sector in Turkey has witnessed a significant turnout in recent years, especially in major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Trabzon, as well as tourism cities such as those in the Mediterranean region and the Black Sea region.

Real estate companies were able to attract a large number of foreign investors to Turkey through the strong real estate offers they offered to investors by providing means to facilitate the purchase of real estate by them. The Turkish government has also provided great support to the real estate sector, To the real estate investors, starting with the tax exemptions for investors to the grant of residency to investors and then granting them Turkish citizenship on an exceptional basis if appropriate conditions are met for that purpose.

Economists expect continued growth in Turkey's real estate sector and the entry of other companies in the future among the largest companies in Turkey.

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