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The Turkish Economy’s Growth and the Real estate Sector Is in the Forefront

: 2017-10-09

The Turkish Economy’s Growth and the Real estate Sector Is in the Forefront
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The 2017 indicators indicate that there is a possibility of economic growth at an annualized rate of 5.5% in Turkey, according to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mohammad Shimshak.

Mr. Shimshak said that the Turkish government: aims to achieve more balanced economic growth through the reforms it intends to undertake within the new medium-term program.

He added that there are expectations that the per capita Turkish national income at the end of the program will reach 13 thousand dollars, which is a qualitative shift at the international level.

The Turkish government gives great importance to the real estate sector through its long and medium-term programs, and in this context opens many programs to support this sector in order to increase its strength.

It is known that the Turkish government has made many reforms in this context both in terms of facilitating procedures related to property ownership or about procedures in taxes and benefits.

The Turkish government, represented by its real estate companies in partnership with several leading real estate companies in Turkey, has launched several offers that will accelerate the achievement of the goals and vision of the Turkish government in 2023.

Economists and real estate experts show that the coming days will be full of reform packages and new facilities that will encourage foreign investors to attract Turkey.

In recent months, the Turkish government has offered exceptional Turkish citizenship to real estate investors in Turkey.

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