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Turkish Citizenship Transactions will Be Done Online

: 2019-11-19 Modified date : 2019-11-20

Turkish Citizenship Transactions will Be Done Online
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In order to properly guide a foreign citizen who wishes to acquire Turkish citizenship, the Directorate General of Tabu and Real Estate Survey of Turkey announced that all Turkish citizenship transactions will be done through the Internet.

The Directorate explained that the transactions completed through the Internet will include all transactions that follow the application for Turkish citizenship in return for owning a property, such as obtaining an appointment from the directorates of title deed, and others.

This will be through the website recently launched by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities under the title "Your Key Turkey", which is an information portal that provides the foreign citizen with all the necessary to conduct Turkish citizenship transactions by a real estate investment, which is a government guarantee for the foreign investor wishing to invest in Turkey.

The website provides foreign investors with all kinds of legal and geographical information about the properties they want to buy, in addition to a lot of statistical information related to the real estate sector in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship transactions

Moreover, this portal also provides detailed information about all foreign ownership in Turkey with answers to many questions that may be in the investor's mind about real estate investment in Turkey.

The website will be available in the coming days in French, Russian and Spanish, in addition to the four languages currently available; Turkish, Arabic, English and German.

It will also offer its services through its own social media accounts.

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Source: Hurriyet Newspaper + takvim

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