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Turkish Airlines Enters the Real Estate Field

: 2017-11-18

Turkish Airlines Enters the Real Estate Field
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Turkish Airlines, one of the largest public companies in the Republic of Turkey, established a real estate company to participate in the real estate investment business. In this context, it established its real estate company in Istanbul and registered it with the Turkish Records Directorate in Istanbul.

It is known that the Turkish real estate sector has become the focus of many parties, especially those working in the field of real estate development, and make others enter this vital sector, which prompted a company such as Turkish Airlines, whose field of work is fundamentally different from the real estate and investment The People's Media Forum announced the details of the new company.

Moreover, the shares of the company will be fully owned by Turkish Airlines in which it will worth 50 thousand Turkish liras as a capital of the company. The company will work in the operation and investment of the airport in the first phase.

The company also will work according to the main contract of real estate investment. The company will enter into the next few days in the field of investment and real estate development in Turkey, either by entering into projects by the company alone or by entering into existing partnerships mainly in joint ventures, and the company's projects are expected to witness strong demand from local and foreign investors alike.

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