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Economy of Turkey: $ 1 Billion of Budget Surplus for January 2019

: 2019-02-19 Modified date : 2019-03-22

Economy of Turkey: $ 1 Billion of Budget Surplus for January 2019
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Despite the delicate phase of the Turkish lira, Turkey's economy is once again proving its ability to successfully overcome the difficulties.

A new surplus recorded of Turkey's economy

As for the new news about Turkey's economy, the Turkish budget recorded a surplus of $ 1 billion in January 2019, according to new data released by the Turkish Treasury and Finance Ministry on Friday.

The report pointed out that the revenues of the Turkish government during the first month of 2019 recorded an increase of 97 billion Turkish liras, equivalent to 18.5 billion dollars, while the public expenditure amounted to 91.1 billion Turkish liras, or $ 17.5 billion.

Economy of Turkey

It is known that the increase in revenues increased by 66.6% during this period to reach TRY 97 billion, while expenditures increased by 66.2% from the same period, i.e., TRY 91.9 billion.

Thus, the central budget recorded a surplus of 5.1 billion Turkish lira, about one billion and 12.4 billion US dollars!

Turkey's economic growth

Amount in Turkish Lira

Amount in US Dollar

Growth rate




66.6 %




66.2 %





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