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Turkey's Economy Ranks the First in 2030

: 2017-09-05

Turkey's Economy Ranks the First in 2030
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Turkey will make progress with its economy, ranking 12th and leaving behind many European countries, according to the PWC Research, which includes the ranking of global economies in 2030.

The economies of developing countries such as India and Brazil will compete with the economies of major countries such as China and the United States by 2030. The purchasing power and domestic output of countries have been a benchmark for measuring the global economic growth, according to the report.

The report said that while the economies of major countries such as Germany and France will decline, other countries will witness significant growth such as Indonesia and Mexico, which will enter the list of the ten most powerful economies in the world. While China will remain at the top of the list.

Turkey's 2030 economy is expected to rank 12th with an economy of $ 2.996 trillion, as it will precede several European countries such as the Netherlands, Canada and other Asian countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Turkish newspaper summarized the last significant change in global economic budgets was achieved in the eighties of the last century. Where the weight of production and consumption after the Second World War had shifted to Western countries. 

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