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Turkey Aims to Be the Tenth Economy in the World

: 2017-08-29

Turkey Aims to Be the Tenth Economy in the World
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Turkish Economy Minister Nihad Zibekci said that his country aims to reach its tenth place in the world and the third in Europe by 2023.

He mentioned also that statement issued by the International Monetary Fund last week showed that the Turkish economy ranked 13th in the world and fifth in Europe.

The Turkish minister added that some countries are uncomfortable with the growth and development of Turkey and its pivotal role in the Middle East.

He pointed out that the time has not been good for rating agencies to renew speculation about the growth and development of the Turkish economy, indicating that some agencies estimated the growth of the economy in 2017 by 2 percent, while others estimated by 2.8 percent and others estimated by 3 percent, but the economy in the first quarter Achieved a 5 percent growth.

Zibekci predicted Turkey's economy would grow by 5.1 percent or 5.5 percent in the second quarter of this year, adding that economic growth would reach 7.5 in the third quarter. 

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