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Three New Airports in Turkey

: 2017-07-31

Three New Airports in Turkey
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Work is under way currently to complete the necessary initial preparations for the construction of three new airports in the cities of Kahraman, Yuzkat and the Turkish city Gümü?hane. These new airports will be built in the form of a private airport for both Kahraman and Yuzkat cities, and the third airport will be used between the cities of Bayport and Gümü?hane.

Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs, Ahmed Arslan, said that Turkey is the world's fastest-growing aviation country. He said the world had grown in the transportation sector by 5.6 percent in 10 years, while in Turkey it was more than 14 percent in the same period.

While the number of effective airports in Turkey 14 years ago was 26 airports, this ratio increased more than twice during this short period of time, bringing the number of effective airports to 55 airports, the minister said that the number is increasing and will add many new airports.

The minister said that the Turkish government is working on the principle of "airports are available to all segments of society" in order to enable all citizens to be able to use the aircraft in both internal and external transport. Where this was a short time ago a dream by a large number of citizens, while the aircraft are now available to all. Arslan said work was under way to build three new airports in the cities of Kahraman, Yuzkat and Gümü?hane.

The contracts for Kahraman and Yuzkat airports are currently under way, he said, adding that the contracts are expected to be completed between July and August, adding that the contract required for the Bayport and Gümü?hane airport will begin in October The second and the first.

Arslan added that the replacement of these new airports will reach more than 800 million Turkish liras, adding that the capacity of these airports will reach more than 2 million passengers, and said that the government is planning to complete the necessary work to complete these three airports until 2020 and their introduction into the public service.

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