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Tidings for Syrians Real Estate Ownership in Turkey

: 2019-06-21 Modified date : 2019-10-21

Tidings for Syrians Real Estate Ownership in Turkey
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Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury of Turkey, Mr. Noureddine Nibati held an important meeting with a number of owners and representatives of major real estate consultancy and marketing companies in Turkey.

Participants raised a number of key issues related to the status of this vital sector of the Turkish economy.

Mr. Abdulla Al Hammad, General Manager of Imtilak Group, participated in the meeting as a representative of Imtilak Real Estate, a leading real estate consultancy and marketing company.

Syrians ownership in Turkey

After meeting with Turkish Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury, Mr. Noureddine Nibati, he stressed the importance of the meeting, expressing his deep gratitude for the constructive ideas and proposals discussed in the real estate sector in Turkey aimed at balanced growth.

He added that the importance of this meeting stems from the fact that Mr. Noureddine Nibati is responsible for following up the law of granting Turkish nationality through investment.

Consequently, we have been informed that a draft law has already been prepared to authorize the Syrian ownership of the real estate in Turkey except for the border areas with Syria. If the law is issued, the Syrian will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

He pointed out that this legal amendment is expected to be issued after the next municipal elections in Istanbul on June 23, 2019, shortly, Allah willing.

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