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Star Oil Refinery: A Huge Turkish İnvestment Worth 6.3 Billion Dollars

: 2018-11-03

Star Oil Refinery: A Huge Turkish İnvestment Worth 6.3 Billion Dollars
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3000 Engineers Lead the Work in the Project

The Star project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Turkey. The project is being implemented by SOCAR Turkey. More than 19,500 workers from 14 different countries, including 3,000 engineers, are taking part in constructing this project.

25% of Turkey's Oil Needs

The refinery provides 25% of Turkey's oil needs and is the first company to receive the strategic encouragement document in Turkey.

The Refinery refines 10 million tons of crude oil annually, it also produces diesel fuel with a capacity of 4.8 million tons per year, In addition to other oil derivatives, and natural gas, to meet a large proportion of the local market need from these products. The project also provides $ 1.5 billion annually from the Turkish budget for importing oil from abroad.

The Star refinery will contribute significantly to meeting Turkey's needs for crude and refined oil, and fill the fiscal deficit caused by dependence on foreign markets in the energy sector, particularly natural gas, diesel, and jet fuel.

Environment First!

The Star Refinery Company gives great importance to the concept of sustainability; it works to ensure that all its projects are sustainable, that they are constantly taking into account social and environmental conditions and are keen to implement the international standards adopted in this sector.

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Source: SOCAR Turkey

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