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Shares that Foreigners Are Advised to Buy in Turkey

: 2017-12-20 Modified date : 2019-06-29

Shares that Foreigners Are Advised to Buy in Turkey
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Turkish stock market is booming in this period, especially in construction, aviation, automotive, electronics and food stocks.

According to data released, the foreign exchange rate at the Istanbul Stock Exchange reached 65.4 percent, as this percentage has raised at the end of the year.

The end of the year usually sees an increase in foreign investors' desire for the stock market. This is an annual tradition, and experts expect the turnout at the end of this year to be also based on the stability of stock prices in the Istanbul stock market. In line with other global markets, which has increased the desire for investment in the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

The real estate market in Turkey is currently witnessing a big turnout by local and foreign investors. The sector has recently entered the stock market in Istanbul, moreover, data indicate that there are many shares that have been put forward by real estate companies to be traded within this market.

The index of the Istanbul Stock Exchange in the last few days reached 109 thousand points, a number indicating the strength of this market, and makes it one of the most European markets that increase in value in terms of trading shares offered.

Source: emlakkulisi

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