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Rise in the Foreigners' Share in Turkey's Real Estate Market to 5%

: 2017-09-23

Rise in the Foreigners' Share in Turkey's Real Estate Market to 5%
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According to recent data, Turkish markets are witnessing a high demand from foreigners in many sectors in general and in the real estate sector in particular, indicating that the share of foreigners in the Turkish real estate market has increased to 5%. This percentage is not the result of the moment but extends over ten years of investment and ongoing developments in Turkey, which in turn brought a large number of foreign investors to the country.

This means that the proportion of foreigners owning in Turkey has increased fivefold over the last ten years. This includes both investors residing in Turkey and foreign tourists.

Studies show that ten years ago, it was not possible to talk about a strong presence of foreigners in Turkish markets. While the number of foreign investors increased significantly during the period mentioned, and foreigners have become a large purchasing power and investment in Turkey.

The increase was not limited to investors but increased the number of foreign students during the last ten years 7 times. The number of patients arriving for treatment in Turkey has increased fourfold. Experts expect that all vital economic sectors in Turkey will witness such a demand. In particular the real estate sector, which has seen strong campaigns and offers this month, which will encourage investment in Turkey in real estate.

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