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Real Estate Offers Are a Key Factor to Attract Investments

: 2017-12-02

Real Estate Offers Are a Key Factor to Attract Investments
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Recent figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that foreign demand will continue to come into the Turkish real estate market due to the stable atmosphere in the Turkish market, which is considered a safe haven for investors.

The remarkable turnout in the real estate market in October last year was a clear indication of this. October saw the sale of 122,822 apartments throughout Turkey to both local and foreign investors.

A new offer has been opened by real estate companies on their projects, which will facilitate investors' ownership, where many of the possibilities that have given like increasing the sense of security for investors, and a greater demand for them.

According to figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute, there is a welcoming picture by foreign investors. October saw a significant increase of 70.9% compared to October last year. Experts attribute this to the stability in the Turkish economy, in addition to the encouragement by the Turkish government to foreign investors wishing to own in Turkey, where the Turkish government offered many possibilities from tax exemptions to the grant of Turkish citizenship on an exceptional basis and many of many other facilities. 

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