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Real Estate Investment in Turkey is the best Investment for Investors

: 2017-07-10 Modified date : 2019-04-10

Real Estate Investment in Turkey is the best Investment for Investors
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The Central Bank of Turkey (CBK) said in a report released yesterday that the Istanbul real estate sector continued to pay big dividends to investors in general, and that there is no harm in this sector during the current year. The areas of Canakkale and Balikasehir have seen a strong turnout in recent years in terms of real estate investors' interest.

Figures from the Central Bank of Turkey indicate that the index of price increases in Turkey's real estate has reached more than 11.17 percent across the rest of Turkey.

Some Turkish cities that have hit a high record, and Canakkale is one of those cities that have made a big profit on real estate investors. The index of real estate price increases in more than 20.67 percent.

Studies indicate that the reason for the rise in the prices in real estate in Canakkale is due to the large migration received by the region from other cities, because of the great potential of the cities in terms of natural and investment sides.

Istanbul, Turkey's commercial capital has reached 9.77 percent. Ankara was also in the same position with Istanbul.

On the other hand, the index of real estate price in Izmir also has also risen, reaching more than 16.46 percent. This rise is an important factor indicating the increasing demand of real estate investors in this city.

Studies indicate the rise in the prices of new and used housing units, where the price per square meter in Istanbul amounted to 3,713 Turkish lira on average, in Ankara to 13639 Turkish lira on average, and in Izmir to 2371 Turkish liras on average, indicating that this increase will continue to bring profit to investors in the near future as well.

It's a great opportunity to invest in Turkey & Invest in Istanbul and learns how to buy property in Turkey for buying property in turkey for foreigners and other.

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