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Race of Offers in Big Real Estate Projects in Turkey

: 2017-12-27 Modified date : 2019-04-10

Race of Offers in Big Real Estate Projects in Turkey
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Currently, an unprecedented race is taking place in the field of branded real estate projects, as major cities are witnessing the construction of a large number of huge residential complexes provided with the latest technology, amenities, and luxury.

There are a large number of offers on the new real estate projects that facilitate the ownership for investors with highest possible profit, ranging from the easy installment of up to 20 years to start paying in 2019 with 5 percent of the property’s total value, in addition to projects Which gives the possibility of interest-free installment over 60 months, i.e. 5 years.

Real estate market in Turkey is witnessing an increase in demand for new properties, moreover, the market needs to build 1 million apartments annually to meet the local needs, in addition to an additional number to meet the foreign investors’ of real estate.

Areas in Istanbul in particular, such as Atashehir, Bahcheshehir and Esenyurt are witnessing a high demand for large real estate projects leading to an increase in the price per square meter, which exceeded 4000 Turkish liras in some areas.

Turkish real estate companies have resorted to new real estate offers to facilitate real estate ownership in Turkey in these areas, and there are currently more than 43 different projects in Istanbul alone, with packages of offers enable the largest possible segments of the community to own a real estate.

Source: emlakkulisi

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