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Is the Palestinian Entitled to Own Property in Turkey? Finally a Turkish Decision Allowed!

: 2019-03-16 Modified date : 2019-07-02

Is the Palestinian Entitled to Own Property in Turkey? Finally a Turkish Decision Allowed!
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Is the Palestinian entitled to own property in Turkey? Finally, Turkey allows all Palestinians to own real estate in Turkey, where the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Directorate of the Turkish Land Registry (Tabu Directorate) issued a new decision on the amendment of the conditions of ownership of the Palestinians in Turkey.

Yes, now every Palestinian has the right to own property in Turkey

This decision included Palestinian document holders issued by several Arab countries, where they can buy real estate in Turkey, after the previous decision issued in 2012 was limited to allowing Palestinians with a Palestinian passport (Palestinian Authority passport), as well as to the Palestinian Who holds the Jordanian passport, where they are treated as the Jordanian citizen and has the right to own property in Turkey.

Residence permit in Turkey for Palestinians is a condition before buying the property

Under the new decision, Palestinian refugees can use the travel document issued by their country of residence for travel and arrival in Turkey and then own property in Turkey.

According to the Tabu Directorate, the decision came into effect on March 6, 2019, and provides for to grant an ownership permit of real estate in Turkey by Lebanese, Egyptian and Iraqi documents holders. The condition for accepting such a case was that the holder of the Palestinian document had obtained a residence permit from the Immigration Department.

Palestinians Ownership in Turkey

Palestinians in Turkey can obtain Turkish citizenship

The Department of Foreign Affairs also announced that this chance allows Palestinians to apply for Turkish citizenship, according to the latest Turkish citizenship law, which includes the possibility of granting citizenship to the investor in return for a real estate investment of $ 250,000, and the Palestinians in Turkey are no exception.

Real estate under construction also grants Turkish citizenship

The Turkish government has earlier decided to amend the conditions for the granting of citizenship in return buying a property, to include properties under construction provided they are not less than $ 250,000. The Turkish Official Gazette published on 12/08/2018 the amendment text of the conditions for the granting of citizenship in return for buying a property, to include properties within the uncompleted real estate projects, provided that the value is not less than 250 thousand US dollars.

Thus, foreign investors, including a Palestinian investor in Turkey with a Palestinian travel document, can obtain Turkish citizenship when buying an uncompleted property in cash, after it has been limited to completed properties only, and must pledge to the property registrar not to sell it for 3 years.

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Source: New Turk Post

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