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Offers and Facilities for Real estate Ownership in Turkey

: 2017-10-06

Offers and Facilities for Real estate Ownership in Turkey
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Recent figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute indicate that there has been a marked increase in the number of apartments and properties in the recent period.

This shows a marked growth in the real estate sector, which is the engine and lifeblood of the economy. Real estate representatives said that sales are now more than impressive and expect to break new records in this area. The reason is the strong offers offered by real estate companies to those interested in investing.

Many real estate companies in this context made easy offers for ownership. Buy now and start paying in 2019. This project enables the investor to move directly to his home and pay the house’s price as of the first month of 2019. Also, this offer includes not only ordinary projects but also projects that are luxurious, have sea views with natural and similar features that raise the value of the property.

Some other companies have also lifted the drawback of bank loans through installment payments in the same real estate company. Offering long-term installments that can be paid comfortably and without the need for a bank loan. In this system, the value of the property will be paid by signing bonds between the real estate company and the investor. Which saves the investor from big interests that banks put most of the time on the value of the property.

Real estate experts expect other strong offers to be made in order to facilitate the real estate ownership in the coming days.

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