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The Number of Properties Sold Is close to Reach 100 Thousand in Turkey

: 2017-08-16

The Number of Properties Sold Is close to Reach 100 Thousand in Turkey
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The month of June witnessed the highest percentage of real estate sales in Turkey since the beginning of the year 2017, and the number of properties sold to more than 97579 apartments and property. Istanbul ranked first in Turkey with 17,970 apartments and 18.4 per cent topping the list of Turkish cities. Ankara came second with Turkey selling 10,160 apartments and 10.4 per cent to top the list of Turkish cities. Izmir came third with 6000 and 034 apartments by 6.2 percent to top the list of Turkish cities.

The latest figures show that there is also activity in the used real estate market as well as the new real estate. Istanbul has witnessed the sale of 9314 properties in one month only and has also ranked first as in the new real estate market, and received 17.9 percent of the total market. The capital Ankara came second with the sale of 6575 properties followed by the city of Izmir ranked third with the sale of 3693 real estate in one month only.

The figures show that the number of properties sold to foreign investors during the month of June only reached more than 1926 real estate. The figure rose 24.8 percent from the same month last year. Istanbul was ranked first among the cities where foreign investors were attracted to real estate. In June alone, 903 apartments were sold. Antalya came second with 408 apartments and a stock exchange with 93 shares and 77 apartments.

Recent expectations- by real estate experts suggest that the fourth quarter of this year will see an increase in property demand across Turkey. Experts attributed the reason to the large offers offered by real estate companies in addition to the facilities offered by Turkish banks for real estate loans. In addition to the exemptions and tax cuts introduced by the Turkish government in the recent reform package to support the real estate sector.

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