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New Turnout for Foreign Investors towards the Mega-Projects in Turkey

: 2017-07-25 Modified date : 2019-04-10

New Turnout for Foreign Investors towards the Mega-Projects in Turkey
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In recent days, foreign investors have turned the compass needle towards the investments in mega projects in Turkey. Many Arab and German banks have indicated their intention to finance the third airport in Istanbul, as well as requests from South Korea to finance the construction of the Çanakkale Bridge 1915.

After the success of the Turkish government led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in restoring stability to Turkish markets following the popular referendum, which passed successfully last April, the number of foreign investors who entered the Turkish market increased in many areas, especially in real estate and construction. Where many of the giant companies expressed their intention to enter the mega investments in the country.

The meeting began with Germany's Deutsche Bank for financing operations of the third airport. Six agreements worth 4.5 billion euros have already been signed for the first phase of the airport, which will serve 150 million passengers. There are news about applications in this context by many other foreign and Arab banks.

South Korea has also asked for funding the construction of the Çanakkale Bridge in 1915. Exim Bank of Korea has indicated its intention to enter into financing work for the bridge, which will be the longest suspended bridge in the world. There are reports that discussions will begin with this bank in early August.

Turkey is diversifying the sources of foreign investments by attracting serious investments from Arab countries, the Middle East, Russia and some Asian countries.

Reports indicate that Arab investments have increased in Turkey over the past two years very dramatically.

It is expected that the volume of foreign and Arab investments will increase in Turkey, especially in view of the recovery of the Turkish economy largely because of the qualitative jump in the Istanbul Stock Exchange, where the market broke a historic record and reached more than 170 thousand points, in addition to the decline of the US dollar against Turkish Lira.

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