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New System for Early Earthquake Warning in Turkey!

: 2017-12-29 Modified date : 2019-04-10

New System for Early Earthquake Warning in Turkey!
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Turkey has been working continuously since 1999 to develop an advanced warning system for earthquakes early warning and is also working to amend existing laws in order build more earthquake-resistant buildings.

In addition to the durability and resistance of buildings, the subject of early earthquakes warning is very important in order to prevent earthquake damages as much as possible, and the system in Mexico is a good example of advanced warning systems to be followed.

The efficiency of the system was known during the September’s earthquake that hit the country with a power of 8.2. People were able to escape from the indoor space a minute and a half before the quake, which greatly reduced the number of victims, moreover, Turkey is currently working on a similar system in Mexico in areas where the probability of the earthquake is greater.

The system identifies the earthquake from its source and therefore gives an opportunity to take the necessary measures before it takes place. A large number of sensors are installed on a large area, and the early warning system is then reached very easily after the installation of this system.

The system is currently being integrated within mega transportation projects such as the three bridges along the Bosphorus Strait that reach the Asian and European continents of Istanbul, the Marmaray subway, which connects the two continents by rail, and the Eurasia Sea Tunnel that connects the two continents.

Source: Projepedia

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