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New Reforms in the Real Estate Sector in Turkey

: 2017-10-04

New Reforms in the Real Estate Sector in Turkey
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The Turkish government has introduced a series of facilities and reforms in the real estate sector that may speed up the process of obtaining building permits. The new facility will be licensed by one signature, in which it will further accelerate the pace of development in this important sector, which depends on the construction industry in the first place.

The necessary procedures will also be facilitated in order to establish companies by reducing the costs associated with the establishment stages. Procedures for obtaining licenses for a real estate and the opening of commercial premises, shops will also be facilitated.

These actions can be terminated by converting most transactions into the electronic medium.

The "One-Stop Office" applications will be added to the procedures, in order to be able to finish procedures quickly and from one place. In this context, offices will be set up to support investment and attract foreign investment to the country.

In this context, the Government is working to facilitate foreign investment and to secure the atmosphere with the appropriate environment for it. Where advantages and locations will be allocated to enable investors to operate in a comfortable environment, and the necessary infrastructure will be completed in this context. Local administrations will work to allocate the necessary space and size for the necessary reconstruction plans.

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