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New Investments worth $ 1 Billion in Turkey

: 2017-08-17

New Investments worth $ 1 Billion in Turkey
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The Turkish government continues to invest via using and bringing new ways for environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative energy. In recent days, the Turkish government has authorized the use of solar panels to generate clean electricity.

The government is currently working on a new energy project to generate electricity using wind power. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey has recently opened new contracts to receive offers for the energy project through the use of wind energy.

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Mr. Baraat Bayrak said that they intend to turn Turkey into a global center for the generation of alternative energy-friendly, and that work is done in this context to open new contracts for starting a new project for alternative energy through the use of wind energy (YEKA) This project has a generation capacity of 1000 MW.

He said that four German companies have applied for entry into these contracting in addition to the American and Chinese and Danish companies.

Minister Bayrak said that the necessary initiatives will be launched for this in August, and added that the investment value of this project will reach more than one billion dollars.

He also added that after the completion of these projects will be able to produce 3 billion kilowatt hours a year, and that this project will be enough to get the electricity needed for more than 1.1 million homes and that’s through the use of wind energy only.

"This project will be a way to reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 million tons on an average annual basis," he said.

He concluded that the companies applying for the energy project by taking advantage of wind power are among the first international companies in this field and are among the top ten famous international companies in this context.

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