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New Amendments to the Earthquake Law in Turkey

: 2017-12-11 Modified date : 2019-04-10

New Amendments to the Earthquake Law in Turkey
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Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Rajab Ak Dag said in a speech during a meeting of the Earthquake Advisory Board organized by the Presidency of Crisis and Disaster Management that a meeting will be held soon for the Council of Ministers to make new amendments to the Earthquake Law with a further development.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that work was underway to release a new earthquake distribution map throughout Turkey to identify priorities and measures to be taken in that context.

"These changes are also important in terms of real estate, because the subject of construction measures is known to the construction and real estate sectors’ workers, and the new amendments will add many advantages that will enhance the durability and safety of the buildings," said Ak Dag. The amendments are underway with the help of engineers in the field of building security, to make a number of recommendations for the identification of priorities and measures.

He added that a series of exercises will be conducted throughout Turkey by the Presidency of the Crisis and Disaster Department of the Republic of Turkey on the new legal amendments, as well as the coordination of work by the presidency with its partners of the public and private sectors.

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