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The Most Selling Months of Real Estate in Turkey

It is clear that the spring months are one of the most popular months in which real estate is sold and bought in Turkey..

2017-09-08 Last update 2020-02-12

The Most Selling Months of Real Estate in Turkey

There are a huge number of factors that will influence the desire to own property. Real estate ownership is crucial for everyone, either for residence or for investment purposes. The economic factor is a factor in the first degree in terms of choosing the right property for the individual or investor.

The real estate's offers play a role in encouraging property buyers to purchase, as well as offers from sources in the field of real estate loans. All these factors are causing changes in the demand for property purchases from a month to the next during the same year.

It is clear that the spring months are one of the most popular months in which real estate is sold and bought in Turkey. Where sales and purchases reach a peak in April and May of each year. The result was the volume of real estate transactions and bank loans obtained during these two months in order to buy property.

We can say that the demand for real estate purchases is increasing significantly in these months by those wishing to acquire the most suitable properties. On the other hand, the volume of real estate projects is also increasing in these months, as many projects are being built during this period and projects are also being completed.

There is no doubt that the reduction of interest on mortgages or the sale of interest-free properties is also a very important part of the ownership. The months in which banks offer offers and reductions on bank loans are the most important months in which demand for real estate is increasing.

Another important factor is the increase in the value of the Turkish lira vis-à-vis other foreign currencies such as the dollar and the euro in the spring months. This affects positively on bank loans and real estate prices and reduces them in tangible terms. This leads to increasing demand for property by individuals and investors alike.

State-provided concessions are also important factors in order to increase the demand for property purchases at certain periods. Where tax cuts have contributed to a surge in demand from both local and foreign investors.

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