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Within Just 9 Months: More Than One Million Apartments Have Been Sold In Turkey

: 2018-11-20

Within Just 9 Months: More Than One Million Apartments Have Been Sold In Turkey
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In parallel with the comprehensive flourishing Turkey is witnessing at all levels, many investors plan to invest in Turkey and they look at it as a place for truly successful investments. When it comes to real estate investment in Turkey, it is known that Turkey is a leader in this field.

What is new is the statement by the Turkish Minister of Finance Berat Albayrak Which showed that since the beginning of this year until the end of September 2018, one million and two thousand and 391 apartments were sold.

Al-Bayraq added in a statement posted on its Twitter account that 256,283 apartments were sold within the encumbered sales, and 746,108 apartments were sold in different ways.

The Turkish minister said that the volume of real estate sales during the year 2018, close to the volume of sales during the last year 2017.

He pointed out that a million and 30 thousand and 728 apartments have been sold during the past year in all of Turkey, indicating that there is an increase in the proportion of sale of real estate to foreigners during the current year.

He also indicated that the number of apartments sold to foreigners since the beginning of this year and until the end of last September reached 24 thousand and 155 apartments.

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Source: Turk Press


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