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The Modern Project Is Entering into Service Soon in Turkey

: 2017-10-10

The Modern Project Is Entering into Service Soon in Turkey
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Turkey is constantly increasing its capabilities in the field of mega investments and constantly adding new projects to its success. The Baku- Tbilisi-Kars railway project is one of these mega-projects spanning an entire era. The line will pass from Tbilisi and from Kars, also it will transport both loads and passengers at the same time.

This huge railway is being built jointly by Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, and its construction work is almost completed as the days of service start are counted. The line is aimed at reviving the famous Silk Road again, and last month began with experimental trips in the three countries that have passed very successfully. The trips will begin in the next few days and will continue uninterrupted. The train will launch from the city of Baku in the state of Azerbaijan and will then pass from the city of Tbilisi, capital of the state of Georgia, and will continue uninterrupted to the Turkish city of Kars. Passengers and loads will be continuously transported on the line connecting these three countries. The line, which begins in Turkey and ends in Azerbaijan, will be extended to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and China via the link that will be built in Azerbaijan to reach the line of the famous Silk Road in the past.

The length of this huge line is 839 km, and the section will pass 76 km in Turkey. The budget of this section built in Turkey is about 600 million USD, moreover, the huge line will be transported at the first stage of the first year by 1 million passengers and 6.5 million tons of loads

The project will add value to Turkey's budget, as it is expected to generate billions of Turkish lira into the state coffers. Turkey will gain from flights through its territory that will link Europe with China. Turkey aims to earn about 1 billion dollars a year in rail transport costs.

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