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The Mediterranean Region ... Tourism and Investments

: 2017-11-23

The Mediterranean Region ... Tourism and Investments
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The number of tourists to 8 countries, including Turkey in the Mediterranean region reached 234.3 million, thus receiving one of the biggest tourism movements worldwide. Where the proportion of tourists coming to the 11 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, including Turkey with a crystal clear rate.

According to figures released by the Federation of Tourism facilities in Turkey, the proportion of tourists has increased by 11% in the Mediterranean countries during the last eight months of this year.

Turkey ranked fifth in the number of tourists between the Mediterranean countries, where the Turkish cities bordering the Mediterranean received 22 million tourists during the period between January and August of this year and increased the proportion of tourists coming to these cities by 26.4 percent compared to the same period from last year, where they received during the same eight months of last year 17.3 million tourists.

Tourism plays a very important role in attracting investors to Turkey, especially real estate investors. Data show that a large proportion of investors invest in tourism seasons. Real estate sales are largely focused on the season of spring, summer, and autumn. Which makes Turkey one of the largest real estate markets.

On the other hand, many Black Sea cities witnessed a real demand for the real estate sector in spring, summer, autumn or winter months. A large number of tourists came from the Arab countries in general and the Gulf in particular to the Black Sea cities for tourism, The city of Trabzon is a good example of this great turnout, and Arab tourists constitute a very large proportion of tourists coming to Turkey over the months of the year.

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