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Izmir Is at the Forefront of Global Cities in Terms of High Property Prices!

: 2017-07-22

Izmir Is at the Forefront of Global Cities in Terms of High Property Prices!
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The first quarter of 2017 report was published on the cities that saw the most increase in their prices globally.

According to the report, the rate of increase in real estate prices in Izmir reached 19.2%, while in Istanbul it was 12.2% and in the Turkish capital Ankara 10.1%.

More than 150 cities from all over the world are among the cities that have come to the fore in terms of interest from real estate investors. The city of Izmir has been among the most expensive cities in Turkey and the world.

The average increase in apartment prices in these cities in March was above 6.9 percent. The 23 cities in this list witnessed a significant increase unexpectedly, while sales in 27 cities fell from this list and did not meet the required expectations.

The report notes that there are 12 cities, including cities in China on this list. As well as many cities in Canada, Norway and many other cities such as Oslo, Toronto and Hamilton.

Netherlands topped the list of countries with the biggest increase in real estate prices and ranked first on the list. Many cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam saw a large increase in apartment prices, which reached more than 10 percent over a period of one year, starting from March to the same month of this year.

Many cities, such as Barcelona and Lisbon, did not reach 10 percent. Also 20 cities of the United States of America are on this list.

The Turkish city of ?zmir has entered the list, due to the high turnout in the city by real estate investors.

Izmir is one of the most important destinations for Arab investors.

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