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Increase in Rentals for January 2018

: 2018-02-01

Increase in Rentals for January 2018
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The Turkish Statistical Institute announced the increase in rentals for January 2018, based on specific economic indicators in Turkey.

The increase in rental rates in Turkey is an accounting tool that is issued every month of the year. This increase is valid for one full year, from the month in which the ratio is issued to the same month of the following year, The same rate of increase applies to new leases that are organized during that month as well, so that the new rate will be effective from January 2018 until January 2019, for contracts organized during the month if they are new or extended.

Specific calculation factors were used to calculate the new rate of increase this month, based on inflation figures issued by the Turkish Statistical Institute, and in accordance with the Public Debt Law No. 344, based on the production price index and the consumer price index.

According to calculations made for this month according to the factors mentioned above, the increase rate is equal to 15.82%, added to the rental allowance.

The following is a simple way to calculate the proportion of the increase in monthly rentals:

Let's assume that the rental fee for the property is equal to 1250 Turkish lira.

The increase after the addition of 15.82 percent will be about 198 Turkish liras.

Thus, the final amount of the rental allowance will be 1448 Turkish lira.

Source: Emlak kolaysionu

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