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In Figures, the Turkish Real Estate Sector Is Growing

: 2017-09-19

In Figures, the Turkish Real Estate Sector Is Growing
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Figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute for the last 4.5 years in the rest of Turkey indicate that the number of properties sold has reached 5 million, 723 thousand and 576 properties. This figure means that 3 thousand and 469 properties were sold on an average daily basis.

Real estate experts predict that the construction sector with the real estate sector will witness a qualitative leap in terms of sales in September. Where many large real estate companies in Turkey are planning to launch several offers to facilitate real estate ownership by investors.

The real estate sector and the Turkish construction sector have witnessed rapid and remarkable development over the past 12 years, and have reached a global high position and have become a strong competitor in this field.

The urban transformation projects currently underway in Turkey are an important factor in increasing the volume of the real estate sector. This rapid and strong movement is a major factor in the emergence of many new real estate projects and makes the real estate sector very vital. There is no doubt that Istanbul is the first of all the Turkish cities in terms of the number of properties sold there.

Other Turkish cities are also witnessing an increase in the number of new real estate projects. Statistics show that 2.41 apartments or real estate are sold every minute in Turkey. The number of 5 million and 723 thousand and 576 Properties indicate the large demand for this sector by investors.

The real estate sector audit from 2013, which returns investors to profit on a permanent basis, has been that an average of 104 thousand and 63 properties was sold on a monthly basis since that year, meaning that 3469 properties were sold daily average. Which is a record in every sense of the word, and indicates the vitality of this sector and its importance.

Real estate experts expect real estate projects to increase as of September and, in parallel, increase the number of properties to be sold to both local and foreign investors.

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