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The Impact of Turkish Drama on the Real Estate Sector

: 2017-11-04

The Impact of Turkish Drama on the Real Estate Sector
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Recent studies indicate the important impact of Turkey's drama sector on the real estate market, with Turkish series spread in over 150 countries around the world, reaching nearly 500 million viewers worldwide.

The widespread Turkish drama in many countries of the world has led to an increase in real estate investors in Turkey, especially in the places and properties in which these works are filmed, and many areas are also a center for attracting real estate investors and ordinary citizens from the fans of these series.

There is a large demand from citizens in Arab countries, Iran and Russia for such kind of real estate.

Experts point out that serials and films play a big role in both the tourism and real estate sectors. As these series play the role of advertising for these two sectors. In some places, there are organized tours to visit sites or houses where serials or movies are filmed or the movies.

The figures indicate the impact of the drama sector and its stars on the real estate sector, where the effect has reached a significant proportion of the total number of properties sold and amounted to more than 6 percent of the total sales for foreigners, which is a huge success in terms of advertising indirectly, Real estate workers say foreign investors sometimes come and ask for a certain property, and they may have seen it in a series or movies.

Experts predict that the impact of Turkish dramas on real estate will continue to increase in the coming period. This sector will open new doors for companies working in the construction and real estate development sector in particular, so these public and private companies can use this important field in the future in order to promote their projects to the viewers of these works.

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