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How Does Istanbul New Airport Affect Turkey's Real Estate Sector?

: 2019-04-18 Modified date : 2019-04-20

How Does Istanbul New Airport Affect Turkey's Real Estate Sector?
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With the opening of the new Istanbul airport, which has become the talk of the media and travelers, attention is paid to what will reflect this important historical project on the Turkish economy of positive effects. The importance of this airport in connecting Asia to Europe connecting the East and the West, in the city of the two continents; Istanbul.

Economic analysts are looking at this project with optimism, expecting further prosperity for Istanbul, which is expected to have a significant share of economic and real estate recovery, as well as tourism boom, with the opening of Istanbul's new airport and with increasing its capacity.

New Istanbul Airport

The impact of Istanbul's new airport on the real estate sector

Istanbul new airport, which is likely to have a capacity of 200 million passengers, will make it one of the world's most powerful airports, sparking a wave of activity in the real estate sector in Istanbul in general,  and especially in the surrounding area of it.

Representatives of the real estate sector say that the new Istanbul airport will have a significant impact and will make a significant positive contribution to many economic sectors in Turkey, especially the tourism and real estate sectors, as well as its contribution to the field of air navigation.

The most powerful airports in the world

They confirm that Turkey has become one of the top countries favored by investors from around the world who are interested in successful real estate investment and home buying, guaranteeing Turkey to occupy the first place among undeveloped real estate countries after the operation of Istanbul new airport.

The real estate sector in Istanbul has begun to prepare for this new real estate development. This is reflected in the purchase of land and the preparation of real estate projects targeting foreigners in the vicinity of the new airport, in addition to providing public services for the real estate development process.

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