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Houses Sales in Turkey for Foreigners; Record Numbers in April 2019

: 2019-06-15 Modified date : 2019-06-21

Houses Sales in Turkey for Foreigners; Record Numbers in April 2019
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With the unprecedented turnout in the ownership of houses in Turkey by foreign investors, the competent authorities in Turkey are keen to follow the development of real estate sales and the success of the Turkish real estate market, and to see new statistics every period showing the superiority of real estate sales, and high indicators of prosperity.

Here we examine the real estate sales statistics in the most important Turkish states, according to the most nationalities buying of foreign real estate, in April of this year, compared with the month of April in the past years, and highlighting the total sales in the first third of 2019, in which real estate sales reached record highs.

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Home sales in Turkey for foreigners in April exceed the record

With the increasing demand for Turkish property ownership by foreign citizens, statistics indicate that the number of sales of real estate to foreigners in the first third of this year reached 3 thousand and 720 houses.

This year, April achieved the highest number this year compared to past years, achieving a record, and deserved the title: "the best April in the history of Turkish real estate" in terms of sales.

According to the article written by Mr. Murad Berenji at the Anadolu News Agency, "Foreign real estate sales continued its extraordinary journey, which began in the first quarter of 2019 with increasing strength. In the first four months, the number of sales in the first four months reached 13,338, while in the first four months of 2018 there were 7,134 houses, thus, sales for the first four months of this year increased by 82%.

While the increase in the month of April for the counterpart of the previous year 82.1%. The number of sales increased from 2,243 properties last year to 3,720 properties sold in April this year, marking the highest monthly record in sales of property to foreigners.

Istanbul has maintained its first position among the rest of the Turkish cities in terms of attracting foreign investment to real estate, according to the information stated by the Turkish Statistical Institute TÜİK. In April only, the number of foreign buyers in homes for sale in Istanbul reached 676, while the number of sales this year reached 1839 during the month of April only, with sales of 172% compared to the previous year.

Antalya was second only after Istanbul in terms of foreigners' ownership of the real estate. Antalya sold 676 properties in April of this year, followed by Ankara with 210 properties, Bursa 201, Yalova 142, followed by Trabzon with 100 properties sale.

The most cities to increase sales during the month of April; the city of Ankara, an increase of 336.7%, followed by the city of Izmir, an increase of 280%, and then the city of Istanbul up 172.

In 2019, home sales of foreigners in the first four months of the city reached 6,160 properties in Istanbul, 2,575 properties in Antalya, 761 properties in Ankara, 691 properties in Bursa, 552 properties in Yalova and 414 residential properties in Sakarya.

Among the states, whose sales exceeded 200 in the first four months of this year, Mersin sold 263 houses, Trabzon 255 houses, Samson 249 houses, and Izmir 210 houses.

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