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Finally ... "Turkey Card" Unified in all Turkey

: 2018-01-13 Modified date : 2019-07-20

Finally ... "Turkey Card" Unified in all Turkey
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The Ministry of transports, Communications and Maritime Affairs of Turkey is working on the finalization of the Turkey Card project which is one of the most distinguished projects to be implemented in 2018. The card will be used in public transport in all cities including major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

Travelers will not need to buy a new card in every city they go to. The transport tickets will be unified in all cities by connecting this card with the municipal systems in Turkey. The card will also be accessible to Turkish museums and national parks, aircraft and many other places, which is also a credit card for municipal affairs.

The Ministry said that this smart card will be available from the branches of the Turkish Post Office (PTT) in Turkey, which has 4,600 branches.

This smart card, which will facilitate the lives of its users, will revolutionize the world of integrated cards in the region and the world. The Ministry also intends to export this technology to other countries in order to generate economic revenues for the national budget and expand the network of card services.

Source: Anadolu agency

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