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Expectations of a Rise in the Property Prices in September

: 2017-08-24

Expectations of a Rise in the Property Prices in September
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Real estate experts expect that the month of September will witness a quantum leap in terms of real estate sales, with the large real estate offers offered during this period in addition to the facilities provided in terms of payment either by the entrepreneurs of companies or by the financial institutions and the real estate loans offered by the banks.

Therefore, real estate experts predict that the coming month of September will witness an increase in the demand for property ownership by individuals for housing and investors alike to ratios ranging between 15 and 20 percent. Experts also point out that the time is right for ownership before an increase in prices.

Many real estate companies in Turkey have provided many facilities that will enable investors and individuals to own a real estate, especially those with middle income. Real estate companies are keen not to significantly increase real estate prices in order to enable as many public segments as much as possible to own a property in Turkey.

Since July last year, many real estate companies have also submitted a large number of real estate offers to facilitate real estate ownership, with interest-free real estate offers of up to 20 years and 240 installments for the period. In addition to many facilities such as loans provided by financial institutions and banks. Where banks have provided a large number of offers for the reduction possibility of bank borrowings in order to own a real estate.

Real estate experts are advised to speed up real estate ownership in this period in order to benefit from these offers, as they say, that the opportunity is now right to own or invest.

Real estate experts predict that the demand for the property market will increase in autumn months, where these months and the months of spring are one of the most popular months for the real estate sector in terms of the increasing demands from both local and foreign investors alike.

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