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Expectations of Higher Real Estate Sales in Turkey

: 2017-06-30

Expectations of Higher Real Estate Sales in Turkey
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Recent studies of the real estate sector in Turkey indicate that the real estate sector is increasing with respect to the sale of apartments. Experts expect the fourth quarter of this year to witness a strong increase in the number of apartments and properties sold.

Experts attributed the increase to the recent improvement in Turkish markets and the rise of the Turkish lira against the US dollar, as well as the rise of the Istanbul Stock Exchange index to 100 points.

This significant economic improvement is expected to increase the confidence of both domestic and foreign investors in the Turkish real estate markets and increase the demand for them further.

It is reported that the last year witnessed the sale of a large number of properties, with the sale and purchase of a million apartments during this period only, and this figure is very large taking into account the economic changes in the region and the world in general.

The Turkish construction companies have been able to enter into many significant commitments through these projects and establish partnerships with foreign investors from both Turkey and abroad.

All these indicators are indicative of the increasing demand of foreign investors for Turkish real estate markets in the coming period and in the fourth quarter of this year in particular.

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