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Encouragement to Use the Solar Energy in the Turkish Real Estate

: 2017-07-26

Encouragement to Use the Solar Energy in the Turkish Real Estate
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The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a major transformation in terms of the use of sustainable and renewable energy technologies. Where the Turkish government has undertaken a major package of reforms to promote the use of alternative energy in the real estate housing that are currently being built.

The government had passed a new law that would encourage the use of solar energy to generate electricity in buildings. This energy will be available free of charge for these buildings and the State will not receive any tax or proportion.

It will also be possible to sell the surplus electricity that will be generated to the network again in order to obtain an investment return or profit in order to avoid the necessary infrastructure expenses for the establishment of electricity generation system from the sun.

Turkey has recently activated several projects to produce electricity from the sun. Turkey supports all sustainable energy projects that rely on wind, solar, hydraulic power and nuclear power to completely eliminate the link to energy coming from other countries.

Turkey's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources is aggressively seeking to encourage new real estate projects in Turkey to access energy from environmentally friendly sources, particularly from the sun, because sunlight is a clean and environmentally friendly source of energy and an opportunity to get rid of the link to external energy markets in the future.

The Ministry encourages new real estate projects in Turkey to install and use these systems, which are now available to all. In the past, the use of sunlight in electricity production was difficult and costly because of the high cost of infrastructure, but the cost of installing these systems is already within reach of the middle class in this era.

Solar energy is ideal in remote areas as well. As the cost of electricity production and delivery to these areas through conventional networks is very expensive. However, solar energy does not need to create infrastructure and cables to deliver electricity to these areas.

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