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E-government and the Transformation of Turkish Cities into Smart Cities

: 2018-01-10 Modified date : 2019-04-10

E-government and the Transformation of Turkish Cities into Smart Cities
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The Turkish Republic nowadays is working hard to provide its cities with all kind of networks and smart services in order facilitate life conditions of its inhabitants in these cities, providing all types of services to the population through the electronic government applications, which are now accessible to all, not only for Turkish citizens, to serve foreign nationals residing in Turkey as well.

Turkey, through the Ministry of Communications, Transport and Maritime Affairs, is working to provide broadband Internet access (4.5G) to all regions of the country, aiming to reach 799,000 residential units throughout the country.

The Minister of Communications, Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ahmed Arslan, said in a press conference with the newspaper Habar Turk that the Turkish government will proceed with the development of cities to reach the level of smart cities, and those e-services will continue to expand enabling citizens and foreigners to reach as many as possible of the services electronically without having to visit the official departments in order to complete their transactions.

Many Turkish municipalities are currently in the application of the e-government and are providing services such as infrastructure services, licensing, and e-payment. In addition to portals for listening to the requests and complaints of citizens and foreign residents alike.

Source: Emlak Habar TV

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