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Through The Hydraulic Fracturing Technique: The Discovery of a New Oil Field in Turkey

: 2019-03-22 Modified date : 2019-03-25

Through The Hydraulic Fracturing Technique: The Discovery of a New Oil Field in Turkey
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The Turkish Minister of Energy announced the discovery of his country's oil field in Diyarbakir, southern Turkey at a depth of three thousand and five hundred meters below the surface of the earth through the technique of "hydraulic fracturing"

New Oil and Gas Fields in Turkey

During an event on Thursday in Siirt, Donmaz said: "This is the first time Turkey discover oil through the world's most widely used hydraulic fracturing technology.”

He pointed out that Turkey is among the countries that produce hydrocarbons through the same technology, and that it will be able to extract oil from the pores of rocks!

He explained that the oil discovered in Diyarbakir is of high quality according to internationally recognized standards.

According to the minister, the Volume of the new discovery in the field up to 5.26 million barrels.

He confirmed that Turkey discovered last month, new fields of natural gas, in the region of Thrace in the northwest, including a reserve of three billion cubic meters.


The minister said that the natural gas produced from the new fields, equivalent to the consumption of three hundred thousand homes for ten years!

The natural gas produced from the new fields will contribute to filling the current account deficit by about $ 5 billion.

He pointed to the discovery of a field of oil with a capacity of two million barrels, 25 kilometers away from the Siirt state.

He also stressed that Turkey will increase its production more during the coming period, using modern technologies.

He also said that the oil in the state “Siirt " is of high quality and reserves of 11.2 million barrels.

Turkey has recently witnessed a remarkable development in the energy sector, which plays a vital role in the prosperity of the Turkish economy.

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Source: Anadolu

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