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The Destiny of Turkish Real Estate Prices in 2018

: 2017-11-21

The Destiny of Turkish Real Estate Prices in 2018
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A question that many local and foreign investors in Turkey are asking and it’s the destiny of real estate prices. Will these prices increase or decrease? There are many features on the scene at the moment about the possibility of increasing property prices next year on the basis of successive statements made by huge construction companies, on the other hand, there are many expectations about the possibility of prices falling.

Experts say that real estate prices are hard to fall in the near future and that these prices will increase because of the rise in plot prices and the prices of construction materials, which strengthens the rule: "real estate is the best decision" for investors in the field of real estate in the long run.

Additionally, experts advise those who want to own a property in this period of the year to own quickly, because the end of the year is usually an opportunity for those wishing to own and invest as real estate companies are trying to sell their remaining real estate and not leave them for the coming years, The recent offers are the best proof of this. Many companies have already started to offer easy ownership opportunities in the form of long-term loans, buying without down payment in addition to buying the property now and then start paying premiums in 2019.

This has encouraged a large number of investors to own property in the past few months in Turkey, where the number of apartments sold in Turkey to the current year exceeded the threshold of one million apartments, and increased the demand of Arab and foreign investors, whereas the number of apartments sold to foreign investors reached 30 thousand apartments.

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